About Square Daisy.

Who we are, and how we got here.

Square Daisy was set up in April 2011 with a vision to help any business valuing creative services to access professional support at a price they could afford. We positioned ourselves neatly between the low cost freelancer and the large design digital agency model, offering the efficiencies that come with the first, but the quality and depth of expertise that came with the second.

Five years on, we remain committed to that original principle. We are always focused on the return on investment for our clients, we want to ensure that every pound they spend with us generates a return for them. Too often creative agencies impose their vision on a client with no thought for the target audience – we don’t use client projects as a petri dish for our own vanity projects.

So what for the next five years? We’re not sure, but if they are as challenging, rewarding, enriching and exaggerating as the last five…….well we’ll take it!

The team at Square Daisy is committed and friendly; and while we conduct ourselves in a very professional way, we do try and have some fun along the way.

So if you have a project that needs some digital design expertise, why not give us a call. We have a sofa in the office and a great cafe right next door…what more could you want!


The Team

team member


Managing Director

Jovan Co-Founded Square Daisy in 2011. He is a big fan of red wine, only feels comfortable in smart casual attire and used to be the lead in a Serbian Folk Dancing Group for 15 years. If you ask him nicely, he'll show you the videos.

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Head Of Media

Amy is the youngest member of our team and a keen eskimo enthusiast. She loves coming to work in the winter so she can cut a little hole in the lake next door and catch a fish for her lunch.

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Head of Web

Will loves to ride his mountain bike really fast, but to bring ying to that yang he also likes to write poetry about swordfish and any material with a tartan pattern. True it's a very niche poetry market but we think he cracked it with his poem titled 'the sword under my kilt'.

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Lead Developer

Jake was born in the forest and raised by a skulk of foxes as one of their own. He is fully conversant with most other dog ancestors, including wolves, coyotes and raccoons.  He has a real penchant for acorns and tremendous fear of dogs, red jackets and rural tories.

team member


Head Of Visibility

Phillipa works with the core SQD Team to help clients with their digital marketing agency and SEO work. Phillipa is very softly spoken but once beat a 22 stone Scottish sailor in an arm wrestle and poetry challenge. We wouldn't mess with her.

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