“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Logo Design

We work with a number of clients who require a range of graphic design services. From businesses that are just starting and need a logo, to companies that have outgrown their current branding. Our logo design process allows you to create something that really represent your business. We have an initial meeting to establish the personality of your business, and highlight your ideal customers. We then create a minimum of three concepts for you to consider. After feedback we take your favourite concept and adapt it until we have your new branding! Square Daisy provide you with a full logo pack, including the logo in EPS, Ai, PDF, High Res JPEG, web ready JPEG and PNG. We also include a white on black and black on white version and all in both CMYK (for print) or RGB (for web) format. Whatever you need the logo for, printing, branded uniforms or car livery, you’ll have a suitable version on file.


One of the first things you do when you meet a new contact is hand over a business card. If the card is badly designed or printed on cheap card, consider the impression of your business that person will be left with. Equally if you send out any correspondence that is "home made", it isn’t going to install confidence in the quality of your brand. Our stationery packs include the graphic design of two sets of concepts for business cards, compliment slips and letterheads, for up to five members of staff. We can even arrange for printing on your behalf with one of our trusted associate printers. More details on our stationery pack can be found in our Square Daisy Express section.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are important to create a central theme for correspondence and marketing designs. It allows consistency across your brand, no matter how small your company or charity is. They can be as simple as a document which sets out the approved fonts, logo, colour palette and how to position your branding on certain documents. Brand guidelines make working with a web designer, graphic designer or printer easier as they won’t need to bother you with any questions. The principle behind our brand guidelines is that they are simple, usable and practical.

Web Design

Sometimes our clients have a developer however lack the necessary expertise on creating the designs for a website. In these circumstances we can offer our expertise as user experience design specialists to put together the final pages to be adapted by your developer. We can get involved in a variety of ways, either in an advisory capacity or working alongside your developer from our offices. Once we establish the parameters of the project, we will make sure we accommodate your business needs to make the final outcome the best it can possibly be.

Presentations and Proposals

The sales pitch is a critical step for any business. Sub standard PowerPoint or Keynote slides can be counter productive. A professional series of adaptable templates that you can reuse will give you an advantage over your competitors in the way that you portray your business and the quality you bring to any project. If you are pitching for high value projects, investing in a professional document created by our graphic design team may be the difference between winning, and losing the work. We can advise on the most cost effective approach that gives you the best chance of success.

Design for Print

Having all the information about your products or services only available online is not always suitable for particular target markets. You may wish to leave some marketing collateral with your clients after a meeting, have flyers available on a stand at an exhibition, or post brochures to potential clients who have expressed an interest in what you do. Whatever your business needs- brochures, flyers, posters, postcards or adverts we have the graphic design skills to create bespoke design for print.

  • Some of Our Latest Design Work

    Chambre D’Hôtes Les Volets Jaunes – Design

    We were approached by a young couple who had left the UK with their young family to launch and run a bed and breakfast in the alpine region of France. They needed a brand for their hotel after they had decided on using one of the key features of the hotel - the yellow shutters. The literal translation of the name of the hotel being ‘the yellow shutters bed and [...]

  • Some of Our Latest Design Work

    Mixoria – Design

    Mixoria is a high quality events company that specialises in digital technology to enhance the experience for the organisers and delegates. As part of their marketing drive they wanted to support the website with a piece of marketing collateral that could be left with clients following a visit. They approached Square Daisy for our versatile graphic design services. Because of the sheer number of areas they specialise in, creating a [...]

  • Some of Our Latest Design Work

    The Bright Hub – Design

    The Bright Hub is a small PR firm, formed in 2014 by the merging together of two existing and successful PR agencies. Once the merger was complete there was a requirement for a brand identity and full brand package. In addition to the design and development of a new website, we delivered a new logo, business cards, letterhead, compliment slips, presentation slide templates and a brand guidelines document. The name was [...]

  • Some of Our Latest Design Work

    Dale Office Interiors – Design

    Dale Office Interiors is a business based in Sheffield that supports clients with office refurbishments and fit-outs to maximise the use of space and create working environments that elevate productivity.  They needed a stylish yet simple brochure that could be e-mailed to clients to explain the key elements.  Because the product is very visual we used many images however trying to use as many images as possible while compressing them to a [...]

  • Some of Our Latest Design Work

    Exterior Homecare – Design

    Exterior Homeware is a very successful domestic roofing and glazing firm based in the South East of the UK. Because of their premium reputation in the market they were getting a great deal of interest from commercial clients to do work for them. In order not to confuse either party, the company decided to split the two arms and deliver separate branding for each - completely reviewing and refreshing the [...]

  • Some of Our Latest Design Work

    Element Twenty – Design

    Element Twenty is a new software platform that is in production and is aimed at helping those who wish to become self employed to find useful, impartial information upon which to make good decisions. The project that we undertook included brand identity, stationery and website. Because E20 is a young, fresh company the client wanted the logo to be visually engaging and contemporary to engage the type of dynamic clients [...]

  • Some of Our Latest Design Work

    Combustion Engineering Association – Design

    The CEA is a member organisation that represents hundreds of companies that have some link to the world of combustion, boilers and steam. The organisation has been running for many, many years and required a full re-brand, along with website and video production. The logo was a real joy to work on as we had to try and utilise aspects of the original logo which included coal (source of combustion), [...]

Neil Goodman, Managing Director, Mixoria

The challenge with our design project was providing a great deal of service and technical information in a way that was visually engaging yet easy to follow.  The team delivered a great solution, using every inch of space in a clever way and it has really helped with our marketing.

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