Clear ERP – Website

Clear ERP – Website

Project Summary

Clear ERP is a successful and fast growing business focused on helping their clients move core business processes to the cloud, specifically in the form of the NetSuite portfolio of applications.
As part of their new marketing campaign Clear ERP needed some support in creating a website which delivered a highly professional experience to learn about the product and how Clear ERP added value to purchasing the system.

The product that the website focusses on is the Netsuite ERP and it’s grouping of applications to help businesses with multiple tasks.  The value in Clear ERP as a business and our client is that they have a significant amount of expertise and experience with the product and handle all of the migration from existing systems to the new cloud based ERP.

We had to try and create a website that enabled visitors to understand the difference between the product and the service.  We also had to cater for the two core customer groups, the end user which would normally be the managing director or another director of the business, and the ‘re-sellers’ such as interim finance directors, who are often asked to come into businesses and make improvements such as implementing an enterprise resource planning system.  Finally we had to try and communicate the benefits across multiple sectors.  This created a headache in terms of the user journey.

We created a site with a powerful opening statement which was dynamic in nature using a nice piece of javascript.  We also then asked users to identify whether they were an end user or finance director, so they could be moved directly to relevant content.  The final element of the journey was to showcase specific sectors in a bold quad menu which allowed those who were interested to find content that really resonated with their needs.

The whole site uses simple vector icons and a great colour palette which matches the videos that we created for Clear ERP to rapidly explain the proposition as soon as the clients land.


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