LimbPower – Website

Project Summary

LimbPower is a national charity providing exercise, sport and art opportunities for those who have suffered limb loss. The charity has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people accessing the content and resources that they have alongside the number of people afflicted with limb loss, and therefore they needed a better way to communicate digitally. The project was funded by Sport England and ran over a series of months to ensure that the site was fit for purpose for a long time to come.

The specification required that the site was flexible enough to adapt to the changes in requirements but also that the site was ‘big’ enough to handle the sheer volume of information that it would hold. In light of this we, Square Daisy a website design surrey based, created a series of template pages that could be added to any parent section. This allowed the flexibility to add content where required, but using a variety of template pages that could be adapted using a ‘block’ structure. We wanted to make the site visual as this helps for the target clients to relate to the content that is being delivered and makes the site far more appealing. The site also had to stringently correspond to W3C guidelines on web accessibility and many of the target clients suffer from loss of sight, making these technical elements critical to ensure accessibility. There are also a number of guides, reports and resources that needed to be downloaded, but which also gave an opportunity for data capture for marketing purposes. Social channels and newsletter sign ups were critical and therefore we added this ‘social block’ to every page within the sub navigation. Through the increase in traffic there was also a section where sponsors were able to feature their services for a fee, allowing the site to be a revenue generating entity, a must for any charity.
With regards to the design, we wanted to work with the primary and secondary colour palette of LimbPower which meant we could keep the site clean and fresh with lots of white space, but with using bright and bold colours throughout.

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