Property Developers Alliance – Website

Project Summary

The Property Development Alliance is a new membership organisation that has been created to assist those already involved in, or thinking about getting into property development.  The organisation is founded by several individuals who are all experts in property development and its constituent areas, such as planning, project management, tax and procurement.

The organisation required a website which was able to engage visitors with a professional look and feel and easy navigation, while delivering tremendously complicated information which was new to the industry. There are several facets of the alliance which all needed their own area led from a landing page as well as a dynamic 9 steps diagram that needed to be delivered in web format, without throwing out too much heavy information in one go.

We created a site that was elegant in its style, using lots of clear space and a classy font.  We tried to make the site image led to inspiare users to become enthused by property development and how the alliance could help them to achieve their goals.  We also developed a custom post type that integrated testimonials and case studies in a dynamic carousel fashion, as these allowed potential clients to get an understanding of the value that the business delivered.


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