Terms & Conditions

We like to be transparent with how we work so please do take a look at our terms of business.

The terms below relate to a number of our services however most apply across the multitude of services that we do offer.  The principle idea behind these terms of business are to protect both parties from any misunderstandings, as the likelihood of issues can be dramatically increased with creative products.  by their very nature we are creating something that does not exist, and the picture in your head may not match the picture in ours, so we have to put checks and balances in place to make sure we don’t go too far without you being happy with everything.

  • Prior to any work commencing, a Service Level Agreement will be signed to ensure that all deliverables are agreed and both parties understand the scope of works and initial payment to clear before any commencement of works.
  • A full project meeting (or call in some cases with Express projects) will take place at the outset of any project to ensure that the brief is agreed and the scope of works contained within the Service Level Agreement matches with the outcomes of the project meeting and that objectives and specification are agreed.
  • Final decision makers should be identified at the outset of the project, accessible at all stages of the process and sign off sought from them at each relevant stage.
  • Once a timeline for any project is agreed, any failure of the client to provide required feedback, content, sign off or input on the stipulated deadlines may result in an alteration to the schedule and delay deployment, essentially moving the project to the next available slot in the production schedule.
  • Once any website wireframe or video storyboard is signed off, any changes to the site architecture or video concept will incur additional charges.
  • With web projects, if additional content services from Square Daisy are not engaged, content is to be provided by the client prior to the website build and without this delays may occur. Square Daisy is not responsible for making updates to the content on the site once live unless engaged as a Visibility client.
  • If web content is not provided by the date stipulated in the schedule but the project is completed to specification and by the date agreed in the timeline, Square Daisy will invoice for the final amount as the company is not responsible for any delay in deployment to a live environment based on a client requirement.
  • No proposal includes any logo, image or artwork adaptations or development of different file formats unless stipulated at the outset of the project.
  • All logos and artwork files are required in vector format such as EPS, Ai. or PDF.
  • Final invoices will be triggered at the point stipulated on the timeline providing Square Daisy has delivered on its requirements regardless of deployment.
  • Any additional expenses incurred in the course of any project will be re-charged to the client but not without prior permission from the client.
  • Payment terms are 50% of the total project cost invoiced upon signing of the SLA, with the remaining 50% of the total project cost invoiced upon final completion and deployment unless engaged as a Visibility client or in the case of larger, more complex projects which will be subject to pre-agreed staged invoicing based on milestones and achievement of deliverables.
  • Payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice.
  • Payment by cheque will incur a £25.00 admin fee per cheque.
  • Any final website, design assets, purchased imagery, video edit or any other elements will become the property of the client once the final invoice has cleared.
  • Square Daisy reserves the right to promote any completed project as part of their portfolio unless specific written objection is received by the client.
  • Hosting is not included in the scope of website projects unless stipulated in the proposal submitted.
  • Should our hosting infrastructure not be used, we will allocate one hour to move the website to the final server as part of the project, however as we have no control over the quality of the environment, any additional time required thereafter will be billed at our standard development rate of £65.00 per hour.
  • All code for each website developed is stored within a GitLab repository.
  • Reasonable travel is included in the costs of any project however should additional travel for meetings, filming or any other element be required, this will be recharged to the client.
  • Once a website is deployed we will make any fixes or essential changes for the first 28 days, after this point any changes will be subject to charges.
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